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Tips to Help Avoid Animal-Vehicle Collisions

By March 14, 2022November 7th, 2022No Comments

Tips to Help Avoid Animal-Vehicle Collisions

Animals, whether a squirrel, deer, dog, etc., are unpredictable. Remaining alert and putting your distractions down (phone, make-up, food) will better prepare you to react. So, what can you do, if an animal runs out in front of your vehicle? Try scanning your surroundings.

Look ahead & look around.

This will help your reaction time. Deer don’t typically travel alone. Meaning if there’s one, there are most likely more. If it’s night time and no other vehicles are on the road, use your high beam headlights. In rural areas, high beams also help you avoid bicyclists, or pedestrians taking a late-evening stroll. While country roads may appear deserted, be prepared to quickly dim your high beams for approaching traffic and/or the vehicle in front of you.

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, always wear your seat belt. A seat belt is designed to safely secure you and your passengers in the event of having to hard brake to avoid a collision or a sudden stop.

Hunting and or mating season is when most of the wildlife is on the run. Be prepared to slow down and use extra caution, especially during morning hours & at dusk.

And, always, always travel sober!


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