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What is hired and non-owned auto coverage? 

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Hired Non-Owned Auto Coverage liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire (rental vehicles and borrowed vehicles) or caused by non-owned (vehicles not owned by the business, like employee’s) vehicles while in use for the business.

Who needs the coverage? All business owners have potential exposure and should consider purchasing hired and non-owned auto coverage.  If you have employees and they perform ANY errands, you need this coverage: Run errands for the business, such as bank deposits, picking up supplies and such. Owners will still have exposure too.  For example, if you are renting a vehicle to use on a business trip, there is the potential for an accident.

When does coverage apply? When a non-owned or hired vehicle, used in the course of your business, is involved in an accident, this coverage responds.  The most common example is an employee using their personal vehicle to run an errand for the business, such as dropping of the bank deposit or mail.  

How do you get coverage and what is the cost? Hired and non-owned auto coverage can often times be added to your Business Owners Policy for a minimal premium per year.  It also usually included in your Commercial Auto policy.

Can a Business Get by With Personal Auto Insurance?

Your personal auto insurance policy likely doesn’t provide coverage to your business’ rented vehicles. It also won’t help cover third-party claims if you get into an accident while driving your own vehicle for business.

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