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August is a big vacation month but as summer draws to a close, it’s also Back to School Month. While kids of all ages head back to class, there are some back to school tips for parents as they adjust to the school routine once again.

Is your teen turning 15 or 16? Is your teen starting the drivers license studies & in car classes? This is a good time, to factor in, any necessary changes to your auto insurance. 

Your vehicle – Has it been a minute since you changed the oil and had all your fluids checked? Have you checked the air in your tires lately? While you are getting your kids school item list together, this is a good time to schedule that routine oil change. 

Maybe you have a teen headed to college. Protect your college student’s computer, tablet and personal belongings with renters’ insurance, whether living in a dorm or an off-campus apartment. 

Each new school year typically comes with a list of immunizations and physicals needed. While these may already be routine visits, plan for the future. Germs, common colds, sinus infections and even covid could be lurking. Parents, this is good time to review your medical insurance, to keep your students safe this school year. 

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Here’s to a great 2023-2024 school year!

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