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Key Things To Know About Your Medicare

Many people don’t realize that Medicare does NOT cover all medical needs, creating gaps in health care coverage. To help identify your gap, it’s important to do an annual checkup of your healthcare and financial needs – since these often change from year to year.

Use these three (3) questions to help you get started:

  1. You still have Medicare Part A and Part B when you purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance.
  2. Comparing price and selecting a quality insurance company are important parts of the decision.
  3. Other health insurance coverage, such as Short-Term Recovery Care, may be important to filling your coverage needs.

Simply remember to educate yourself with credible resources, such as

Review your plan every year as your health and financial needs change.

Consider talking with Jeff Metzger, our employee benefits specialist here at the agency. He is our Medicare expert.


Jeff’s contact info:

PH: 614-834-6624



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