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Protect Your Hearing Aids

By January 29, 2016November 7th, 2022No Comments

Protect Your Hearing Aids

We don’t mean medical insurance that would cover the cost of getting hearing aids. This is the insurance that you would have in case something happened to your hearing aids after the warranty expired. Similar to the auto and homeowners insurance that we all have now.

The day you buy your hearing aids, you have a warranty. Most warranties cover the replacement cost of a new aid if you lose it, damage it beyond repair, if the dog eats it, etc.  But what happens when your warranty expires? After the manufacturer warranty expires, it’s up to you to pay for repairing or replacing your hearing instruments.

You can schedule hearing aids on a personal insurance policy in the form of a rider. This is also true if you have a renters insurance policy and don’t own your place of residence.  The cost averages $4 per $100 on your hearing aid value per year. If your warranty is up and you lose/damage your aids, this is a small price to pay to replace them.

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Common causes of hearing aid loss and damage



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