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Reference-based Pricing is Gaining Momentum – Here’s Why

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Written by:  Jeff Metzger, Employee Benefits Sales Manager – NAHU Self Funded Certified

In my 25 years in the insurance business, I’ve seen many changes. But there’s always been one constant: Healthcare and pharmacy costs continue to accelerate, and no regulatory action has been able to slow this runaway train. The problem is that we have focused on the wrong end of the spectrum. We don’t have a healthcare issue; we have a billing issue.

At the root of this national crisis is a lack of cost transparency, which is driven by people who are motivated to keep benefit plan sponsors and healthcare consumers in the dark. Part of the problem is that most cost-reduction strategies are developed by independent players in the healthcare food chain. This siloed approach fails to address the entire ecosystem, and that’s why we continue to lament that nothing seems to be working.

We can help address this issue. MMA Insurance has several carriers that offer “Reference-Based” pricing. Give us a call for more information.

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