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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

Check out this website from Erie Insurance on Buying Life for the First Time.

Why are you buying life insurance? Did you get married? Did you have a baby? Have you started a business? Whatever the reason, life insurance is a great way to help provide for the unexpected.

Here are some things to think about, when purchasing life insurance?

  1. Learn about life insurance – Are you looking for term or whole life? What does that include? Can riders be added for children? <—- The answer is yes! Protect you and your children from the unexpected.
  2. Work with a licensed agent – We can help you here! We are licensed. We can help guide you in protecting your loved ones from how much you need to why you are purchasing the policy.
  3. When thinking about life insurance, think about your budget. How much can you afford? Guess what…we bet you can afford more than you think. Life insurance is pretty inexpensive, especially if you are younger.
  4. Picking a beneficiary. What is a beneficiary? That person is who you name in your policy to take care of your assets, after you pass. Meaning, they will receive the funds and apply where needed. You can choose more than one beneficiary & it could also be a business or a church. Do you need to set up a trust for funds, for minors? This is a good time to think about who you can count on to take care of your business.

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If you have your auto and home insurance within our agency, you could save an additional percentage on those policies with a life insurance policy, as well.

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