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Umbrella Coverage

By August 4, 2016November 7th, 2022No Comments

Because lawsuits can be outrageously expensive and accidents do happen.


Your standard auto, home or boat insurance policy is designed to protect you against liability losses, in most situations. But what about other unexpected occurrences? Of course, you say, that won’t happen to me. But, what if it does. Protecting yourself with umbrella coverage is a step in the right direction.

Are you starting out in a new career, beginning a family or getting ready to hang your hat? Umbrella Insurance can protect you through all stages of your life because you can never predict the unpredictable!

  • What if someone dies in an automobile accident and your son/daughter is at fault?
  • Imagine if your fenced in dog bites one of the neighbor kids.
  • What if a neighbor or guest trips and falls on your property and receives a permanent disability?

These scenarios do happen. Can you afford a million dollar lawsuit? That’s where your Umbrella protection is a smart investment.

  • Isn’t it worth the few hundred dollars a year to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit, attorney fees or even your wages garnished?
  • With umbrella coverage, you can add additional liability protection starting $1,000,000 dollars to protect you over and above the liability limits on your homeowners, auto and watercraft policies.
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