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Vacation & Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Travel safety begins before you even leave the house. Securing your home for vacation is one of the most important steps you can take. Summer is in full swing & seems like everyone is posting their summer vacations on Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media sites. Seeing vacation photos might seem harmless, but for many, it’s leaving your home unprotected. Thieves see it as an opportunity to rummage through your home. Protect yourself.

Prepare a checklist & execute.

  1. We can’t stress the 1st one enough: STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA.
  2. Tell friends and family, at home your itinerary. When you leave & when you are expected to arrive home.
  3. One of the best ways to protect your home is to be a good neighbor. That is, when you get to know your neighbors and talk with them regularly, you can mention that you’ll be going on vacation and that you’d appreciate their looking out for the place a little.
  4. Purchase inexpensive timers for your electronics. Create noise. Leave a radio on. Set your timers to different times throughout the day.
  5. See if a neighbor or family member will help out & mow your lawn. If you are leaving in the winter, see if someone will shovel your drive. This goes for the trash can as well. See if your nice new friends, will roll your trash can down to the end of the drive.
  6. Think about stopping your mail. An overflowing mailbox is asking for trouble. It is a clear indication you haven’t been home lately.
  7. While it seems like common sense to lock everything, maybe double check. Lock the deadbolts that accompany the door handles, lock the garage man door that leads into the home & disengage your garage door.
  8. Don’t forget about removing your spare key outside. Thieves know all the most common hiding spots way better than you do, so don’t try fooling them.
  9. Hire a house sitter. Or, have a family member come stay at your home, while you are away. This will help ensure safety while you can rest assure & relax on your vacation.
  10. And finally, stash your valuables. Put your valuables in a safe: your jewelry, artwork, cash, family heirlooms, etc.

You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to traveling.
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