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Fishing Hole Safety Tips

By April 13, 2016Uncategorized

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. You know what that means, Fishing Season!

It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends while enjoying nature. Fishing can be dangerous; here are a few tips to make sure your next fishing trip isn’t just relaxing, but safe as well!

Most people use hooks to catch fish, unless you are one of those who like to use their hands!  A fishing hook is a device for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth or, more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish. When using hooks, be sure to keep them safe in your tackle box until it is time to cast the line. Be mindful when casting your rod that no one is standing close enough to be caught by the hook.

Do you know how to swim? If you don’t know how to swim, look into taking lessons at your local swimming pool or YMCA.  Swimming lessons aren’t just for kids. If you never learned to swim as a child, now is a great time to learn. If you are using a boat to fish, make sure there are enough life jackets for each and everyone. Everyone should be wearing a life jacket while in the boat, at all times. Safety first!

Catching a fish is exhilarating, especially if you’ve never caught one. Now what? Always handle fish with care and respect. Take caution when removing the fish off of your hook. Some fish have sharp scales and teeth. Use gloves and pliers to get the fish safely off the hook.

Many local campgrounds & fishing holes, offer catch & release fishing. Some offer the proper way to bait & hook your line. Educate yourself, so you are prepared & have a safe & enjoyable day.

Be sure to keep an eye on the sun. Sunburns are no fun. Wear sunscreen, a hat & sunglasses to prevent sunburn. Always make sure to reapply the sunscreen every few hours to prevent sunburn. If you should happen to get a sunburn, invest in green, aloe lotion & take cooler showers to help ease the heat from your body.

Most of all enjoy yourself and all the fish you catch this summer!

Check out one of our local campgrounds in Canal Winchester. They have plenty to offer and can guarantee you will have a great time. Jackson Lake Park –


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